About Us

Shapensize.com began as Supplement House, a leading supplement store of Jaipur (Raj.).

What started as a small shop eventually turned into the biggest distributor of India’s first Food Supplement company ‘Nutramen Healthcare’ and subsequently became the most preferred distributor and promotor for leading international companies like Olimp Nutrition, Mutant, Bigmen, Trec Nutrition.

Because of our sustainable quality, we have a continuous supply of Health & Food Supplements in most of the Gym centres across the State and have become a name of Trust among the Athletes and Bodybuilders.

We were asked several times by our customers who moved to different cities to deliver the supplements to their places.

We noticed that the problem with all available online stores was that they all were a marketplace. This means that the website was not delivering the products but only working as a platform where anyone can come and sell their products. This is not the best situation when you need to ensure 100% authenticity of products as the website selling these never know what the 3rd party seller is actually sending to the customer via their website.

THE SOLUTION? A website that doesn’t lists 3rd party sellers and middlemen, fulfils and ships directly to the customer, get certified by all the brands for authentic products and is able to offer comfortable price points at the same time.

Here comes the idea of Shapensize.com!

Bodybuilding is in our heart and we understand the problems an aspiring athlete faces every day. With this in mind, we started Shapensize.com where you can not only buy the products but also seek suggestions for the right product as per your goals. You can consult with our experts to prepare the customised diet plan and exercise schedule. Our experts can also help you in the preparation of your next bodybuilding contest.

Due to the full control over our dealers and the inventory, we make sure our clients receive the product as quick as possible. Usually the product being dispatched the very same day.

Shapensize offer a wide range of products to ensure that the goals of each and every client is achieved, whether it is fat loss, muscle gain, weight gain, advanced bodybuilding or just keep your body healthy. We cover it all!

Our Vision is to become India’s most trusted, valued and preferred solutions provider for true health, nutrition, wellness, fitness and illness.

Your search for a Genuine, Useful and Pocket-Friendly Health Supplements Stops here!

Our goal: a healthier, happier you